Monday, May 29, 2006


They worked in the same office, He and She. Ever since She saw him She has been aware of a subtle interest in him. He was not, by the established standards, a handsome or cool or hot guy. Then why this attraction, She had wondered many times, never arriving at a satisfactory answer. She was a normally level-headed girl, who wanted everything in place, her life included. This out-of-place attraction disturbed her.

Their job threw them together frequently. They could not help meeting and talking. The way He talked, the way He behaved, everything construed new meanings for her. She started reading multiple meanings in simple sentences He spoke. Sometimes the word Love cropped up in her mind, and She was quick to smother it because She believed herself to be above all that. Hadn't She always believed that her true mate will be the guy who comes to her and says "My Girl!"? Then why are the thoughts of this guy bothering her this way?

She willed herself many times to read no more than the straightforward meanings in his words. Willed herself to stop looking at his desk (even if he's not there) everytime She passed that way. But many times her usually trusty heart betrayed her. She was actually amazed that She could feel this way.

She started believing that He was behaving towards her the same way He would behave with any other colleague. She slowly came back to normal (or so She believed).

One day, only both of them were working late. She looked up from her unfinished work, felt the need for a stimulant and walked towards the coffee machine. And He was there!

They exchanged plesantries for a while, but it became apparent to her that He was in a state of subdued excitement. He suggested her a walk around the campus. A walk? Just the two of them? Around their large sprawling campus? All her suppressed feelings re-surfaced with a vengeance. This is it! This is it! cried voices inside her. Her heart rate slowly started multiplying. Admonishing herself not to be silly, She accepted. Both of them started walking with their cappucinos.

She could see that He was tremendously excited, and could hardly contain it. Many times He turned to her as if about to say something, looked in her eyes and nervously stuttered some out-of-the-way topic. Slowly tension built in her too, She was actually wondering in what way to accept his proposal.
They reached a lawn with benches around. They sat in one of the benches, looking up at the glass walls of their office building.

He coughed.

She turned.

He was looking at her.

He haltingly said "I want to say something to you". His whole face was aglow.

She couldn't do anything but nod mutely.

He looked deep into her eyes, his own eyes sparkling with excitement, and said,

"My Code is working!"

Monday, May 08, 2006

Who's getting your vote?

well...elections tomo in my state...for the past week or a few days more...the question most ppl seem to ask me is "who're u gonna vote to?". then when i say some party name they go either "what? why not this party? they've done bla bla bla"
what's with these people? first of all...the first question itself disturbs me.. Isn't that something like a personal question? I'm a simple citizen of this country. My political preferences are my business...I mean it may be a big news that this film star supports this party etc...but me just a humble engineer...
I dont mind it when people i'm quite close to ask me this...but when just-acquaintances ask me this question and then try to brainwash me...makes me uncomfortable...
and when it comes to politics...people are always quick to advertise their views...the pros of the party they support and the cons of the opposition...why?
why cant u guys accept people as they are? why cant u accept that others have a bit of brain too? that they'll survive in the political world without you being their sole guiding light?

Friday, May 05, 2006

OK here's it!

Many comments to my previous post to me directly! the gist of what all of them said was "What the hell was that? i dint understand anything"!!!
OK all u's the reason i wrote that scrap...
there was a presentation goin on...i was pretty bored...felt like writing somethin...then wondered what will it be like to write a looooooooooooong sentence. Dunno if u guys noticed that the whole stuff is ONE sentence! (an incomplete one at that!)

my idea was's the thoughts of a young in a socially-disturbed country...who has been pulled into a terrorist outfit by her friend...she has been given an assignment now...what if you could peep into that girl's thoughts for maybe 10 secs? my previous post will be what you see.. long line of thoughts...tumbling upon one another...starting from one place and ending at a totally different place...and never ending...

does that make any sense now?

Some threads

..with that. But then she was wondering why in the name of anything sane was she compelled to do an act termed 'an act of kindness', by certain people she had met so few times in her life that it was not even enough for her to remember their names and connect it to their faces, against her wishes though she was not even quite sure of what exactly are her wishes since her mind had been bombarded with so many ideas in so few months although she was cognizant of vague feelings of disquiet and rebelliousness though she was aware that after she entered the realms of what her 'friend' had termed as the 'Headquarters of the World' that there will be no turning back, no return to 'normalcy' or atleast what she had previously thought as normalcy but which now was only a vague memory of a father never at home for a time it took longer than for him to fight with a mother who was almost always hysterical and a brother who had shady friends who always met together at nights wearing multicolored arm bands....

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Me! Here!

i was just googlin my name when i hit upon this site...guess there's another blogger here with the same name! i wonder how she feels about this uncommon name? in my whole life time i've never met another person with my name...i've just heard about 3 so far..
does the name define the person? if so, will she be like me?
time to do what my company pays me for ;)