Wednesday, March 26, 2008

....and again!

What do you get when you mix some bloggers and a little free time together?
Blog Games.

My blog life has turned a full circle. I'm tagged again and this time the honors are with Preethika. I already shared facts about me in the past. But makkals seem to hank after more!
So here they are.. back on popular demand.

My Eight
I'm biting my nails to write something for fact # 1.

I just killed a mosquito which dared to sit on my elbow.

I want to discover a way to measure the speed of thought.

After that, I want thoughts to be measured in 'mathis'.

I think there's a land where all dreams and souls come from.

I think that land is a parallel universe.

I think I'm running out of facts to fill in here.

I'm so glad I've reached point # 8!

And that's that.
Now roping in Maddie, King Vishy, Uma and Chriz.
Tag away folks!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

A New Joy

Consider you're from a pukka traditional family. Your parents have found and fixed a guy for you. You're now engaged. Life has never been as good for you before! It's like having a boyfriend but only so much better!

1. You're allowed to stay up late nights, blocking up the phone lines and no mutter of dissent comes from your parents.

2. You run up a huge phone bill and your parents oh-so-happily dole out the cash!

3. You're entitled to wear a silly grin stuck to your face and nobody thinks you're a fool.

4. When you suddenly blush for no reasons at all, instead of weird stares you get pleased looks from your family and friends.

5. All everyone can tell you is about what a happy life you're gonna lead with him/her.

6. Suddenly you're the center of attraction in every gathering and conversation - and you like it!

7. You get to have a boyfriend without going thru' the pains of finding one!

8. You find yourself in a new and erstwhile forbidden relationship and suddenly it's not frowned upon at all - you can be bold as daylight about this!

9. You now have more fun planning your wedding (something you've been doing since you were this high), because you can now give shape to the person who'll sit next to you!

10. Not only are you happy in this relationship, you find that everyone around you is happy too. And that increases yours!
To put it simply, it's a happy dreamy time!!

Author's note: Thanks to Vaishu for being an inspiration for this post!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The mind is the master

I heard from various quarters that Kalloori was a very nice movie and is a must watch. But they also cautioned me that it is a tragedy and that I should be prepared for that. And that put me off. I already had enough problems of my own, thank you. I'd rather not spend three hours of my life wallowing in someone else's sorrow! All I wanted to watch were cartoons and comedies. Let me live happily in the virtual world atleast. How many ever happy endings I watched, my problem was mine. It had come to stay.
Then Fate spit on its hands and got down to work deciding it was time to play some more with my life. It did a small twist and suddenly everything straightened out. Life was painted a rosy hue. Now that I was no longer weighed down with the bad , I felt brave enough to watch the tragedy.
I found that when there is happiness and security coming from inside of you, tragic movies do not affect you much. I was able to enjoy the movie, the direction and the acting all of which were in the superlatives. I'm sure if I had seen this movie when I was already sad, I would've given it more unhappy connotations than usual and spent time in wailing!! But now, I spent more time focussing on the happy parts of the movie, rejoicing with the characters whenever they celebrated their friendship.
It's all in our mind. We tend to paint the world with our colors. When we are sad, it's the end of the world as we know it. But when we are happy, everything around us turns to be all joy and wonder.
All our world is contained inside our little minds.. they're our true masters!