Friday, June 23, 2006

First steps...

Till sometime back I used to think that writing kavidhai was something that I'll never ever be able to do in my lifetime. Well I changed my mind now! I will not say that this is a full fledged kavidhai but hey! it's from an officially non-poet!

my first one

உன் வார்த்தைகள் தரும் அர்த்தங்களை விட
உன் மெளனங்கள் தரும் அர்த்தங்கள் ஆயிரமாயிரம்.

the latest

யாரை பார்த்தாலும் உன் முகம்
எதை பார்த்தாலும் உன் பெயர்
எங்கு கேட்டாலும் உன் குரல்
தூங்கும் போது கூட உன் கனவுகள்..
தபாலில் வந்த கல்யாண பத்திரிக்கையை புரட்டினேன்

கடவுளே! அதிலும் உன் பெயரா??

Beep! Beep!

Yes, that is the beep of cellphone and NO, don't check your mobile when I'm talking to you.
I belong to the cellphone-savvy generation and each and every person around me has this extra growth from their hands. SMS-ing is the order of the day. Yea it helps us be in constant contact with our buddies, and yea it helps us planning a trip or a gift or anything easier. All that's fine, but there's an aspect to this messaging that I feel most people overlook.
I call it the "people-sense".
Consider this, you are taking a walk with your friend, and you are telling her/him something that has made a deep impact on you. You turn around to know their reaction. What do you find? There they are, messaging away to eternity. I tell you how I'll feel, I'll feel like taking that phone, drop it on the floor, jump on it and scatter the pieces.
These are the kind of people that are lacking in the people-sense. Well, perhaps the person they are messaging to maybe the most important person on earth to them, also that if they did not send that message at that very instant, the sun will rise from the west. But hey, aren't you overlooking something here? By giving much importance to a friend who's miles away from you, you're ignoring(intentionally or unintentionally) the friend who's right next to you.
Yes, you are developing a relationship miles away, but hullo! Open your eyes, a relationship right next to you is deteriorating!
Together with your mobile you are giving 'busy' signals to the friend right next to you.
Cellphones are the best in helping you maintain long distance relationships! But do make sure that it is not at the cost of a closer-to-home-relationship.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kids say the darndest things!

My three-year-old niece was playing with my father one day, as usual talking nineteen-to-the-dozen. She was recovering from a cold so her conversation was peppered with coughs. As she was scrambling over her thatha he looked at her and said "dei, you have a snub nose!". She stopped her scrambling long enough to look up to his face and say matter-of-factly "No thatha, I have cough".

Another time, when they were getting ready for bed, her grandma was carrying out the nightly ritual of smearing odomos all over her little body. She was as usual discoursing about that mosquito-repellent to the audience (consisting of me, my mom and dad). She went up to her thatha and said "thatha, see, this is odomos" brandishing the tube which didn't quite fit her little hand. Her thatha said "yes, that's for the mosquito". She widened her eyes and asserted "No! It's for ME!"

Monday, June 19, 2006

Indian Railways - Take Notice!

You know how it is when you least expect it to, an idea pops into your mind? Well this time, the idea stayed with me long enough for me to take it down (or should I say put it down?)

I travel by the local electric train to get to my workplace. This evening while I was on the way back, after an energetic badminton game, this idea suddenly popped in my mind when the train pulled in at a station.

I was looking out through the window at the station's signalling guy who held up a lighting apparatus to signal to the guard when to start the train. He held up this thingummy above his head, it was blinking red. He kept shaking it and it was not pointing in one direction since I'm sure he's never played "Statue" in his life. The signal was not very effective (atleast in my view!)

Now that's when this great idea popped in my mind...alright alright, i'm gettin to it!

The idea is this, why not have a light fixed to the underside of the roof of the station? This light can, for its control, have a little lever that has three levels. 1. Red 2. OFF 3. Green

Ok here are the advantages of this.

1.The present thingy is a hand-held torch light kinda thing. So it is not a stationary light source. It makes seeing for the far-away guard a bit difficult. This roof-light changes that!

2. The present day signalling people have to be of average height to hold up the light up above their heads for the guard to see. But the roof-light can be operated by even a disabled person.

3. Normally automation will remove human intervention thereby lessening one job for a needy person. But the roof-light still needs a signaller to operate it.

4. The present torch-light is battery operated. But the roof-light will be electrically operated. And those who are going to ask me what if there's a powercut? (which sadly is common in our city!) Well hullo!?!? we're talking about a railway station that operates "electric" trains!!! What more does a tiny li'l switch want to be happy?

I think 4 advantages are fair enough for now! atleast that's all I can think about!

Authorities interested?

I have a little nagging at the back of my mind that Blogger.Com is not exactly in the top of the list of sites visited by the railways authority! Well, I atleast got it public!