Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Sleeping with soap

You wake up in bed and find a piece of dried-up soap under your sheets.
You open the kitchen cabinet and find a toy sheep staring right back at you.
You sweep under the sofa and find four tiny cars.
You go out to the balcony and find a CD case lying for who-knows-how-long in the rain and shine.
You sit on the sofa to be poked by a ball on the cushion or by a spoon wedged between the cushions.
Your bathtub is filled with crayon drawings.
Your patience is tried to the utmost with blatant disobedience.
Your knowledge is put to the test with never ending questions of "what is this?".
You find yourself laughing silly at the crazy songs and dialogs that will be made up.
And if you have a blog, you almost never finish up a post, because you're constantly being interrupted with shrill summons.
Yes. That's what life is, with a two-year-old.


Spica said...

Aww... Dot. *hug*

srimanth kadati said...

Awesome !!!

WannabeWriter said...

Been there.. done that.. now mine is almost 4yrs so doesnt bother to acknowledge my presence much..

King Vishy said...

Ha ha.. Good one!!
Had been to a friend's place last weekend.. They had an 8-yr old.. And still quite a few of what you said seemed to hold good!

WannabeWriter, you must be blessed!! A 4-yr old that doesnt acknowledge ur presence must be a divine gift!!