Thursday, July 05, 2012

"Just Google It"

Most questions these days seem to have one answer - 'just google it'. Really? 

Time and again I have had this said to me by my peers. It is a teensy bit insulting.  I am as Gen Y as you and do you, my peer, really think that I wait for your directive to 'google it' when I want to find information on something? I'm a programmer for pete's sake! How else do you think I survive, if I didn't know 'to google it'? 

So why I do ask you a question that can just as easily be 'googled' or 'wikied'? Because I want _your_ answer. The personal touch. Its my way of connecting with you. Because this too-connected world helps me to stay connectedly disconnected, this is my way of reaching out to feel the human. I want the little tete-a-tete again. And you know what, I don't mind waiting to hear from you. 

And why would I wait days when 'googling' can give me the answer in mere nanoseconds? I'll tell you - with an example. Once, a friend sent a list of new dishes and suggested that I pick one and make it for a party. I asked her to explain the dishes to me 'the next time we meet'. And her reply was 'google it'. And she didn't stop there - she googled and sent the answers to me! 
I refused to read it and told her I'll wait to hear about them when I met her next (because we were meeting soon anyway). And the time when we did meet, she did explain the dishes - accompanied with her trademark expressive gestures, smiles and josh. And we built up a conversation from that. Now tell me, which impersonal, one-way street google result can ever beat that? 

So next time I ask you something, do not, I repeat, do NOT tell me to google it. (I'll ask nicely) Please? 

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