Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Voices

A thousand little voices screeching in my head
Jostling with each other to be the first heard
Angry and happy, sweet and snapping
Melodious screams, all overlapping
The stronger ones come to the fore
And claim my tongue, as their own
Oh you think I put them there?
These little voices that trill and tear?
Believe me, it be true, I can only watch
Helpless, they come out as I talk
Sometimes I don't want one but the other
Alas, the ones I need somehow disappear
What choice have I then but to succumb
Yet wish upon wish were I dumb
'Cause even when I hear them uttered
All I want is keep them shuttered.


naras said...
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Juvenile - J said...

nice... :)

Karthik said...

Excuses! Excuses! :) Well said.

Girl of Destiny said...

Thanks guys.

Someone's still alive! Yay!

You have a black background blog? 8-0 Puhleeese, have pity!